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My start in the competitive shooting world was back in 1988, where I was
fortunate to shoot with some of the best shooters in our sport like Rob
Leatham and Brian Enos. After a 19 year break, I restarted competitive
shooting 2011. I maintain a full competitive shoot schedule though the
year, which includes USPSA and 3-gun events. For USPSA, I compete in
Open (A class), Limited (M Class), Production (M Class) and Single Stack
(A Class). For 3-gun, I compete in the Tac Ops division where I enjoy the
multi-faceted challenge it presents.

My passion is working with people and helping them to succeed. It started
with me being a martial arts instructor for 15 years, then a competitive
shooting instructor for the past 6 years at the Tactical Performance Center
(TPC). It is here through the expertise of Ron Avery, that I learned the
science that make up the key elements to make a shooter great. I am
currently a TPC Lead Instructor, teaching Handgun Mastery clinics.

I am very fortunate and proud to be the coach two very talented young
ladies, Jalise and Justine Williams. They continue to impress me with their
growth in shooting skills and professionalism. They amaze me at every

I truly believe in giving back which is why I am very active at my home
range, the Southern Utah Practical Shooters range, where I serve as a
Director of Operations, board member, match director, and a USPSA CRO.
I am also the TPC Director of Operations for Events.

2017 Shooting Performance
UPOA Civilian MG
2/25 Overall, 1/23 Tac Ops
Berry’s Steel Open
Limited 19/90, 1/15 Senior
Area 2 Desert Classic
198/435 Overall, 10/56 Single Stack 5/9 Single Stack A class,
2/10 Senior
Berry’s USPSA Area 1
241/574 Overall 10/47 Single Stack 3/9 Single Stack A class,
31/106 Senior
USPSA MG Nationals
115/264 Overall, 66/154 Tac Ops
KE Arms HaH 2gun
30/82 Overall, 19/42 Tac Ops
USPSA Single Stack Nationals
110/348 Overall, 35/54 A class
Safariland Expedition MG
10/32 2-Gun Division
USPSA Berry’s Utah State
48/232 Overall 9/87 Limited, 5/7 Master Class, High Senior
USPSA CZ Iron Sights Nationals
103/513 Overall, 62/254 Limited, 30/52 Limited M, 3/36 Senior
Western States Single Stack Nationals
47/260 Overall, 13/30 A class, 5/30 Senior
Seekins Precision Hard as Hell 3-Gun
115/246 Overall, 70/169 Tac Ops, 9/26 Senior