Application Instructions

Application Instructions

ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions, they will give you specific details that are relevant to your firearm.

Remember to always test any product on a small piece of the firearm to test how it will react.

Following the procedure outlined below will drastically improve the ability of your firearm to function at its peak efficiency.  Our mission begins with making sure your firearm performs wherever, and whenever you need it, and ends with preserving it for generations to come.

The Liberty Lubricant line of firearms care products are the easiest, and the last firearms maintenance products you will ever need.

Below are the steps to apply:

The Fastest Treatment:
Clean your firearm, apply Liberty Lube™ CLP(shake before using).  Shoot your firearm, this will allow the lubricant to move to the areas of high friction, apply a little more CLP, enjoy.

Best Performance:
To make sure that your firearm is functioning at its peak efficiency you must first remove all other chemicals, or lubricants already on the firearm. Even if your firearm is new, it will still benefit from a good cleaning. Most firearm manufacturers coat their firearms in anti-rust oils. To remove all substances from a firearm, we recommend our Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent. Our solvent will not leave any residue which may inhibit the proper lubrication of your firearm.   

Solvent Application Instructions:
1) Apply enough Liberty Lube™ Solvent to coat the area of the firearm you intend to clean.  Let the solvent sit on the area for 2-5 minutes.  This will allow it to activate, and make cleaning easier.

2) Using a brush, or towel that is safe for use on a firearm, scrub the solvent away, this will lift the carbon/fouling, and with minimal effort your firearm will be clean.  (Cleaning will be much easier when using one of our lubricants prior to cleaning).

3) Dry the firearm off using firearm cleaning patches, or a lint free towel.

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent:
Is non-flammable and is safe to use in any ultrasonic cleaner, or other various cleaning instruments.  Always contact the manufacturer for compatibility, and instructions.

After cleaning the firearm completely with Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent, you are ready to apply the lubricant.

Liberty Lube™ CLP Application Instructions:

1) Apply a light coating of our Liberty Lube™ CLP to the friction points of the firearm that you want to protect, and let the lubricant sit on the metal for a minimum of one hour so it can adhere and spread.

2) After the lubricant has treated the metal, you can either simply wipe off the excess with a lint free towel, or any typical firearms cloth, and run the firearm "dry", or leave the excess lubricant on(we prefer to run the firearms wet). Either method will result in the flawless function of your firearm. Because of our lubricant's superior ability to treat and adhere to the metal, the firearm may feel dry to the touch, but it is still lubricated.  It may take as many as 3 applications of our CLP before the firearm is completely treated.