Liberty Lubricant™ CLP Gun Oil 1 oz

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Liberty Gun Lube™ makes your gun shoot straighter, faster and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex! OK, not really... but it is within the realm of possibility! Seriously though, you have spent some of your hard earned bucks on some "high-tech" lubes, only to find out they aren't what they are cracked up to be. When the mercury starts to drop and your gun slows down to a grinding halt as the other lube gums up, you realize you're SOL. You want high end performance, without the high end price? Liberty gun lube is the ticket. We aren't messing around either, below you will find real specs on our lube, that you won't find else where. Plug some of the info into your search engine and you will find out how tough Liberty Gun Lube™ is!

Once applied our lubricant goes to work fast, penetrating between surfaces and adhering to the metal.  You can even wipe the lubricant off after application if you are going into a sandy or dusty environment, preventing the accumulation of grit.  Your firearm will be protected.  We literally create an adhesion barrier on the metal of your firearm so that carbon, and crud won't stick to it.  After applying our CLP you will be able to clean your firearm much more efficiently, being able to wipe off the build-up, and keep going.  We at Liberty Lubricants™ understand that your life could literally depend on your firearm functioning, that is why we created our line of fine firearms care products.
Freezing Point is -85 Degrees Fahrenheit, so your firearms will remain serviceable in extreme cold environments.

Liberty Gun Lube™ CLP
- lubricates while reducing friction;
- penetrates deeply;
- clings to surfaces;
- eliminates moisture;
- is completely harmless for plastic, rubber, glass and metal;
- is heat and cold (up to -65°C) resistant;
- contains no silicone, no Teflon and no chlorinated products;
- is safe: dielectric up to 13 000 volts;

The technical stuff!
Characteristics          astm test         typical values

Flash point                  D56          64oC

Pour point                  D97         -65oC

Specific gravity at 15oC     D4052          0,894 g/cm3

Solid %                                55%

Viscosity at 40oC          D445          5,7 cSt

Viscosity at 100oC          D445          1,9 cSt

Viscosity index          D2270          119

Dielectric breakdown          D877          13 kv

Rust preventive              D665
 (A) distilled water                         Pass
 (B) sea water                               Pass

Corrosion/copper strip          D130          1a

4-ball E.P.                  D2783
- load wear index                            105
- weld load                                  500kg

4-ball wear                  D4172          0,32 mm


Liberty Lubricant™ CLP SDS

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